2016 Cryptosporidium Outbreak in Central Ohio

Public Health
Friday, October 20, 2017 -
2:30pm to 3:20pm

In the summer months of 2016, central Ohio experienced its largest outbreak of Cryptosporidium. There were just over 1,000 cases reported between three adjoining health jurisdictions. When it was realized that multiple positive cases had visited aquatic venues between the three jurisdictions, collaboration began between health departments to share information, combine resources, and create one public message. Educational materials were created that bare the logo of all 3 jurisdictions. The outbreak response teams made contact with positive cases to determine sources of exposure and shared the imformaation with Environmental Health. The outbreak was monitored and weekly epi curve updates were given to all those closely monitoring the outbreak.

The Environmental Health Professionals worked with the operators of the aquatic facilities to provide education regarding the Crypto outbreak, suggest preventative actions, and provide guidance and follow-up for proper hyperchlorination treatment of pools with a possible exposure link. Education of operators and the public became a major point of consideration and this will be carried into the 2017 pool operating season.