Connect More. Convince Less!

Thursday, October 19, 2017 -
8:30am to 9:30am

How do we make pools safer and keep pools open? How do we do a better job as an industry to educate, inspire and get more people in the water? Well, it’s time for us to stop convincing and start doing a better job connecting! We listen, follow and buy from people we like and we connect to! No one will follow us, or buy from us, if you don’t know how to motivate, inspire and convince them by using the power of our words and actions!

When we are Strategic Communicators we become an amazing leader. When we plan to be an average communicator we will unfortunately have limited leadership abilities and our sales will suffer. When we become a Strategic Communicator, we become a stronger sales person because authentic leaders know their audience, stand with confidence and share their failures.

Strategic Communicators connect, offer solutions, speak up when it is difficult and they know how to pick the right time and right place to deliver their message for maximum impact! Strategic Communicators know how to motivate, inspire and get people to take action! In Ryan Avery’s keynote, learn what it takes to develop our strategic communication skills so we can keep pools open, keep pools safer and get more people in the water!

Room Title: 
Interlocken Ballroom