Facts & Myths of Aquatic Management Business Principles

Advanced Service Concepts
Thursday, October 19, 2017 -
10:00am to 10:50am

Every aquatic business owner wants to have a successful and profitable business but may get lost in the myriad of business management philosophies. Many approaches have a lot of “glitter” but contain no true foundation. Seasoned and new business managers alike, want to know the most effective way to obtain quality information that will result in business growth. What are the basic management principles? How do I get and keep clients? Which principles are true and which are myths? Which management ideas would work for me? Should I concentrate more management or leadership? This seminar addresses these and other questions by exploring the facts and myths of Aquatic Management Business Principals.

The discussion covers what “management” really is. You do not have to have natural talent or natural skills to manage or lead your company. Management and leadership can be learned because there are specific processes and laws that govern them. Those who follow these will see success. Those who do not will find continued frustration and delayed results.

Points of discussion:
- The four foundational areas of Management
- An overview of customer service management
- Facts and Myths of Management
- Basic leadership principles
- 5 myths of leadership

Results: Participants who practice these principles can expect to increase their management and leadership knowledge. They will also be able to implement that knowledge to move their organization in a positive direction. This all helps create a better working atmosphere, satisfied employees, satisfied clients and less stress while increasing business revenue.