Key Messages from the World Conference on Drowning Prevention

Facility Management
Friday, October 20, 2017 -
2:30pm to 3:20pm

The World Conference on Drowning Prevention will take place on October 17-19 in Vancouver, Canada. Mike Espino will attend this conference, then fly directly to Denver where he will give us an update on the key messages from the conference.

Learn more on their website:
The World Conference on Drowning Prevention is the International Life Saving Federation’s flagship educational event. This bi-annual conference brings together the world's foremost experts, research, systems and information on drowning prevention, rescue, lifesaving and water safety. The exchange, debate and development are designed to find ways to reduce death and injury in all aquatic environments worldwide.

WCDP 2017 held in Vancouver, Canada is an opportunity to report on the progress made on the 10 actions to prevent drowning, as outlined in the 2014 World Health Organization’s Global Report on Drowning. This is much more than a conference; it is a convergence of people and projects aimed directly at addressing a highly preventable public health challenge. Join us in Vancouver to play your part in this collaborative effort to save lives.