The Science Behind Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) and their Applicability in Aquatics

Advanced Chemistry
Thursday, October 19, 2017 -
3:00pm to 3:50pm

Advanced oxidation processes are a set of chemical treatment procedures designed to remove organic and sometimes inorganic materials in water and wastewater by oxidation through hydroxyl radicals (-OH). Mostly used in wastewater treatment, this term usually refers specifically to a subset of chemical processes that employ ozone (O3), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and/or UV light. Recently, in the aquatics industry, there are a number of emerging equipment manufacturers that claim they are using AOP technology to treat swimming pool water but little is understood by the general public as to the applicability and efficacy in aquatics applications. This seminar seeks to provide listeners with an easy to understand primer on AOP technologies and provide clear guidance on this emerging technology for aquatics applications.