Stop Wasting Your Pool: A Systematic Guide to Maximizing User Groups and Variety

Facility Management
Thursday, October 19, 2017 -
11:00am to 11:50am

In a world of ever-evolving aquatic trends, fads, and new program ideas, aquatic professionals live with one constant – demand for space. This session will provide attendees an overview of how Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation manages programming at two high-traffic aquatic venues: an indoor water park, and a 50m and 25yd dual pool facility. Under the direction of the presenters, both facilities have identified and solicited unique user groups previously unreached in their markets. In an ongoing effort to encourage more people to aquatics, Mecklenburg County has developed non-traditional programming including kayak sports, scuba, and various forms of water polo to program alongside traditional swim lessons, swim team rentals, birthday parties, and more. This degree of variety has allowed Mecklenburg County to reach previously unreached user groups, and developed a tradition of aquatic inclusion. With the influx of formerly unreached aquatic participants, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation has worked to provide consistent pool usage prioritization, and has had great success at budgeting out pool space in heavily used facilities. In addition to identifying the need for programming, one of the great balancing acts associated with programming aquatic facilities is the need to weigh the benefits of staff-led vs contractor-led programs. Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation has experienced first-hand the cost and benefits of many programs that fall into both categories, and are constantly assessing and evolving to provide the best services for stakeholders. Utilizing a blended method of both staff and contractor-led programming, this aquatics team has an outstanding reputation throughout the region. In addition to programming, both facilities are heavily utilized as private and semi-private rental facilities. Mecklenburg County has experienced great success in facility rentals including swim meets, dive meets, birthday parties, triathlons, and more. The team from Mecklenburg County is prepared to share how to increase your facility usage, and provide ideas and tips to reaching non-traditional aquatic users in your market.