SURF POOLS - The Next Wave in Aquatic Recreation

New Industry Technology
Thursday, October 19, 2017 -
11:00am to 11:50am

At Surf Loch, our mission is to share the lifestyle and thrill of surfing with the world by building inland surf destinations that deliver authentic and unforgettable surf experiences to anyone, anytime, anywhere. We strive to encourage healthy living through outdoor recreation that engages the body and mind. We believe strongly in the healing power of surfing and are focused on educating the world on surfing's ability to positively impact the lives on anyone willing to try.

Today, our world is becoming more and more digital, even virtual. It is becoming harder to find recreation and entertainment alternatives that don't involve some sort of screen. It is time to initiate authentic outdoor experiences that are engaging and captivating for people of all ages and backgrounds. Surfing is the perfect sport that combines fitness with fun and technology with authenticity.

There is a certain mystical allure to surfing that compels people from all walks of life to give it a try. Surf Pools are simply a way of providing a safe and friendly invitation to the sport within a controlled environment. It is truly a miracle to witness someone riding their first wave, the look on their face is nothing short of pure thrill and enjoyment. This moment, and the pursuit of duplicating these moments is what we live for, and what we wish to share